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Invest in colivings in downtown Dublin with an estimated net return between 7-10%

Property purchases will be made with investment tickets starting from 50,000 €

Key data

50,000/250,000 €

Investment tickets

7 - 10 %

Estimated net investment return


Purchase and refurbishmentn of the property for operation in COLIVING mode

Reasons to invest in Ireland

Great investment attractiveness in Europe. Recognized for its robust economy and extremely favorable business environment, Ireland has established itself as a preferred destination for global investors.

Robust Economy

Ireland enjoys sustained economic growth, low unemployment, and a favorable business environment. Ireland's GDP has increased from 49.3 billion euros in 1990 to 504.6 billion euros in 2023.

High Housing Demand

Dublin's population is growing, while the housing supply is limited, creating a strong rental market.

Property Value Appreciation

Property prices in Dublin are expected to continue rising, offering a good return on investment.

Attractive Lifestyle

Dublin is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a high standard of living.

Ideal Destination for Students

According to the latest statistics, Dublin is home to over 150,000 university students, in addition to over 100,000 students attending language schools.

The Dublin Area

Dublin, the vibrant capital of Ireland, has firmly established itself as one of Europe’s most attractive investment destinations. Its unique combination of a robust economy, rich cultural heritage, and young, educated population makes it an ideal choice for investors worldwide. The city is not only the economic heart of Ireland but also a major hub of innovation and technological development, hosting the European headquarters of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Apple. This not only attracts considerable investment in technology and business but also fosters a dynamic and competitive business environment.

From an infrastructure perspective, Dublin offers a well-developed transportation network that efficiently connects the city with the rest of Ireland and international destinations. Dublin Airport, one of Europe’s busiest, facilitates trade and tourism, connecting the city with major business centers worldwide. Furthermore, urban development and renewal projects are underway to further enhance accessibility and quality of life in the city. Investments in infrastructure, coupled with picturesque landscapes, historical sites, and a vibrant cultural and artistic scene, make Dublin not only an ideal place to do business but also to live.

In educational terms, Dublin stands out as a significant center of academic excellence. The city is home to prestigious institutions such as University of Dublin, Trinity College, and University College Dublin, attracting students from around the world. This creates a vibrant, multicultural environment ideal for the development of new ideas and businesses. The presence of a significant student population also drives demand for housing, services, and entertainment, offering unique opportunities for investment in the real estate and service sectors.

Our partner

In our collaboration with GrowPro, we are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions for students facing the challenge of finding suitable housing.

Thanks to our partnership with GrowPro, we ensure a stable rental income, backed by experience in managing over 1,000 students per year.

Investments in Dublin represent our dedication to addressing the housing issues commonly faced by students, providing them with a comfortable and safe living space during their studies.

Key Infrastructure and Investments

Dublin, being a major economic and cultural center, has various infrastructures and key investments that stand out on the European and global stage.
Modern building at the airport in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport, a critical infrastructure of Ireland and a key economic driver, is one of the busiest in Europe, boosting trade and tourism. With investments for its expansion and modernization, it seeks to increase capacity and enhance the travel experience, reinforcing its role in Ireland's international connectivity.


Silicon Docks

Silicon Docks in Dublin, often compared to the U.S.'s Silicon Valley, is a key technology and business hub, home to the European headquarters of giants like Google and Facebook. Essential for investment in technology and innovation, it reflects Dublin's commitment to the tech sector and its status as an innovation hub.


Urban Renewal

Dublin is experiencing an increase in housing development and urban renewal to meet the demand for accommodation and improve quality of life. Projects include new constructions and improvements in infrastructure, crucial for population and economic growth, keeping Dublin attractive and livable.

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Gigafactoría de Volkswagen

La Generalitat ha iniciado el proceso de compra de una parcela de casi 16.000 m2 en Parc Sagunt I para la construcción de un centro de Formación Profesional, denominado Campus Battery, en el que se instruirá a los profesionales de la futura gigafactoría de celdas de baterías de PowerCo, filial de Volkswagen.

Con la puesta en marcha de la planta valenciana se espera generar 3.000 puestos de trabajo directos y hasta 15.000 indirectos.

Comparación de datos

Barrio SALAMANCA L’Horta Nord
LIQUIDEZ DE RENTA (en meses) 2.53 2.70
LIQUIDEZ DE VENTA (en meses) 3.67 4.30
TASA DE ESFUERZO – ALQUILER (como % del ingreso mensual) 26.96% 21.17%

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